Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gay Pictures Of Tony Romo THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY HELP!?

THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY HELP!? - gay pictures of tony romo

Well, I'm about to download The Ballad of Tony Gay, but my friend told me that if I want to play with them online, you should be the disc, and bought the CD ... I have GTA4 and TLAD but I really want TBOGT ..
I also downloaded TLAD and the picture quality is really crap ... This is the album of the same?

Am I obligated to buy the album or I download them?


Kr3emo said...

When you talk to download content via download, so go ahead and do what will be the same as buying the DVD.

Its just easier to download, then go to the store and pick it up, btw, the PS3 or Xbox because I downloaded the song in my xbox on Christmas Day with Xbox points.

In addition, if the picture quality is poor, can be caused by your TV, you need an HDTV to more significant results and the use of the 360, make sure you have all the color channels is connected properly and the switch in one of the cables for HDTV, and not tv.

Rolly, ya feel me said...

Nah brah, get just the disc, thats what i .. has Dowloading better than if you buy and its clean cut, really cool graphics. ;)

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